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Anna, Ana Amari category:

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It should be noted that Anna is support character with versatile arsenal of female guns. Two big loaded boobs and super wet pussy waiting for some SMASH! She can easily affect all heroes on battlefield so she can surly affect you as well! Biotic rounds and grenades will make a mess no doubt! Her nano boost will boost your experience here as never before!

Some useful intel for you!

Aliases: Horus, Janina Kowalski, Shrike, Bastet

Status: Active

Role: Support

Health: 200

Age: 60 (sexy granny)

Nationality: Egyptian

Formerly – Overwatch second-in-command, Sharpshooter
Active – Bounty Hunter

Base: Cairo, Egypt

Affiliation: Formerly – Egyptian security forces, Overwatch

Relations: Sam (husband), Fareeha Amari (daughter)

Voice actor: Aysha Selim (English)